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Instructions for Using This Site

How To Use This Site:
This website provides information about all the study abroad programs you might consider through Eugene Lang College (and other institutions and programs). You can search for program options through two different methods.
1. Use the interactive "World Map" feature to reveal the number of programs in each region of the world. Click on each highlighted region for information about options offered in specific countries; and if you click on an individual country, a list of program choices for that particular destination will display near the bottom.
2.  Use the "Advanced Search" feature (located in the menu at the left) to refine your search criteria in identifying prospective programs of interest. The advanced search function allows you to edit your search by academic major or even city!

Create an Account:
Simply click the "Create Account" option in the menu at the left to register an account for yourself. Once established, you will be guided through the application process, and advisors from the Study Abroad Office will be notified about your interest in studying abroad.

If you have any questions or concerns with using this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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